Restoration mortars

Time and again, the Jahn M-line products prove their value in restoration and renovation projects. They are part of the restoration techniques and contribute significantly to the preservation of the object to which they are applied. 

The Jahn M-line products were designed to be one whole with stony elements, irrespective of the quality of the elements to be treated. This requires that all these products can be adjusted to the original values of the objects to be restored. In this way a balance is achieved between the new and the original material.

For over 35 years, we have been conducting research to continuously improve the quality of our products. Our enthusiasm to do so is increased by the fantastic results of projects in the Netherlands, but also in other countries, e.g. Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland, Taiwan and the United States. 



Pure lime products

The development and production of our lime-based products meets the demands of an age-old tradition and the modern need for state-of-the-art products. Lime has been used in construction for centuries and still is to this day.

The lime-based product range is an alternative for our Jahn M+S lines. Partly the Kalx-line consists of historic recipes, coming from archives and old specifications. 

Applicability of the Kalx-line

The lime paint (Kp1050) is not only applied in monumental objects, but also in modern buildings. Lime is a building material capable of influencing the social climate of man and animals, but also that of buildings, in a positive way. Besides the price-quality ratio, the applicability of the Kalx-line is also interesting. The products are composed in such a way that they cannot only be applied as a system, but also as individual products. 



Mortels op maat

The S-line products are a valuable addition to the supply range of the Jahn products. All our products are adjusted to the local environment or adapted at the request of our commissioning parties. 

Adjusted mortars

Mortars are not only expected to meet the required quality standards, but they should also blend in with the physical environment in which they are applied. At Jahn, we are even capable of adding to our products tailor-made physical properties, for instance in the area of water absorption, vapour permeability and the dynamic E-modulus.